Irregular verbs. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Complete the sentences

1. On Saturday I played (play) computer games with my cousins.

2. My mum didn’t cook (not cook) dinner last night.

3. I walked (walk) to school because there weren't any buses.

4. They didn’t dance (not dance) at the party.

5. My brother travelled (travel) to Ireland last summer.

Write the past simple of these verbs

1. copy __ copied

2. revise __ revides

3. cycle __ cycled

4. listen __ listened

5. practice __ practised

6. play __ played

7. like __ liked

8. move __ moved

9. shout __ shouted

10. start __ started

Write the words in the correct order.

1. film? / like / you / Did / the /

Did you like the film?

2. you / many / did / ask? / How / people /

How many people did you ask?

3. a / have / time? / they / Did / good /

Did you have a good time?

4. did / weekend? / the / What / do / we / at /

What did we do at the weekend?

5. she / DVD? / Where / that / did / buy /

Where did she buy that DVD?

6. party / on / your / go / Saturday? / he / Did / to /

Did he go to your party on Saturday?

7. did / yesterday? / Who / you / see /

Who did you see yesterday?

Correct the sentences

1. Did he go to school yesterday?

2. Why did you go home early?

3. Where did you learn English?

4. Did she work today?

5. What did you do yesterday?

6. Did they phone you last night?

Regular (R) or irregular (I) verbs?

1. fly _I_

2. use _R_

3. study _R_

4. eat _I_

5. make _I_

6. travel _R_

7. see _I_

Write the past simple of the verbs from previous task

1. Flew

2. Uses

3. Studied

4. Ate

5. Made

6. Travelled

7. Saw

Complete the sentences with the past simple

be – get up – meet – have – go – run – drink – sleep – swim – eat

1. I had a shower and some fruit for breakfast.

2. Then I went to the sports centre.

3. I swam 500 meters in the swimming pool and then

4. I ran 5 kilometers.

5. At lunchtime I met my friends in a café.

6. We ate some pasta and drank some juice.

7. After lunch I slept for a few hours, I was tired!

Complete the sentences


1. I opened the door and looked (look) inside.

2. Who closed (close) all the windows?

3. I carried (carry) my mom's shopping bag.

4. I didn’t climb (not climb) over the fence.

5. I ripped (rip) my shirt.

6. The plane landed (land) ten minutes ago.

7. We lived (live) in that house when I was a baby.

8. My brother didn’t cry (not cry) when he fell off his bike.

9. We walked (walk) to school yesterday.

10. She smiled (smile) when she saw me.

11. We hurried (hurry) to the station to catch the train.

12. She laughed (laugh) when I told her the joke.

13. We raced (race) each other on our bikes.

14. Dad didn’t help (not help) me with my homework.

15. Helen whispered (whisper) me a secret.

16. Luis Miguel hurried (hurry) to catch a bus.

17. We returned (return) our books to the library.

18. She didn’t kiss (not kiss) the frog.

19. The frog changed (change) into a prince.

20. Two doctors rushed (rush) into the room.

21. I didn’t kick (not kick) the ball very hard.

22. Who invented (invent) the computer?

23. Dinosaurs lived (live) many years ago.

24. It didn’t snow (not snow) last night.

25. They didn’t work (not work) until twelve last night.


1. I lost (lose) my watch in the park.

2. David didn’t hurt (not hurt) his knee.

3. I kicked the ball and it broke (break) a window.

4. My new shoes didn’t cost (not cost) a lot of money.

5. I got (get) this book from the library.

6. We had a garage where we kept (keep) our car.

7. Ali cut (cut) his knee.

8. The glass fell (fall) off the table.

9. The glass didn’t break (not break).

10. We sold (sell) our old car.

11. We bought (buy) a new car.

12. The bell didn’t ring (not ring).

13. We all went (go) into school.

14. The dog caught (catch) the ball.

15. The man didn’t kneel (not kneel) down.

16. Our cat ran (run) onto the road.

17. Jane didn’t write (not write) a letter.

18. I bought (buy) a new camera last week.

19. We drove (drive) to a safari park yesterday.

20. Yesterday Dad didn’t take (not take) me to the carnival.

21. Elizabeth gave (give) Eva a chocolate.

22. Jack and Jill didn’t go (not go) up the hill.

23. Her ring cost (cost) ten Euros.

24. I put (put) sugar in my coffee.

25. He didn’t hit (not hit) the ball over the net.


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