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Advanced English Vocabulary - One Minute Videos on YouTube

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Enhancing courses with HTML Blocks in Avenue

04 June 2024

HTML Block

An HTML block is a dynamic and highly customisable block that allows developers and instructors the ability to add digital content on the sidebar of their course page. It is flexible and can incorporate a variety of functions in the content area. It allows you to format text, add images, text links, buttons, embed video, sounds, flashcards, files or Dictionary widgets, and other unique elements to a course or site page. The possibilities are perhaps limitless. What’s more, there is no limit to the number of HTML blocks that you can add to a course.

TESL Diploma from Canadian College of Educators

15 May 2024

TESL Diploma

Delighted to share that I've completed the TESL Diploma program at the Canadian College of Educators with a Grade "A". Gained some valuable insights into Theoretical Issues, Linguistics, Language Structure and Skills, TESL Methodology, and more. The 50 hours of practicum were challenging but undoubtedly worthwhile.

Audacity: A Tool for the ESL Classroom

29 Nov 2023

Audacity: A Tool for the ESL Classroom

Quick guide on the use of Audacity in the ESL Classroom.

Interactive Phonemic Chart

18 Nov 2023

Interactive Phonemic Chart

Learn all of the vowel and consonant sounds in American English (received pronunciation) with this free, interactive phonemic chart.

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs)

10 Nov 2023

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs)

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) on separate PDF pages.

My second-language acquisition experience

01 Nov 2023

My personal experience of second language acquisition (SLA) is divided into three stages: initial (1996-2000), intensive (2001-2003), and progressive (2004-2023). Throughout these stages, I have studied English as a second language (L2) using various methods and techniques, the majority of which have been related to the Task-based and Communicative learning approaches. Most significant and notable results in my SLA have been achieved in times when I felt high levels of stress caused by lack of sufficient command of L2, fear of failure and sense of responsibility. In this essay, I aim to briefly describe my SLA experience and what conclusions I draw from it.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

List of popular Teaching and Learning Strategies in ESL.

"Mama’s adorable friend" by Marina Kurishko

25 Feb 2023

Mama’s adorable friend by Marina Kurishko

My mama has a gorgeous girlfriend. Her name is Natalia. They studied together with their third friend Luba at school and they have been friends for all their lives.

“When” + Past Simple + Past Simple vs. Past Continuous vs. Past Perfect

07 Фев 2023

Изменение значения предложения с использованием разных времен (Past Simple vs. Past Continuous vs. Past Perfect) в конструкции “When” + Past Simple.

Рассматриваем разницу между предложениями-примерами:
- "When Max arrived, I made a cake." = Past Simple + Past Simple.
- "When Max arrived, I was making a cake." = Past Simple + Past Continuous.
- "When Max arrived, I had made a cake." = Past Simple + Past Perfect.

Happy New Year!

31 Дек 2022

The past year has had its fair share of challenges. I guess, we all have had our ups and downs, wins and failures. To some extent, these experiences have shaped who we are today and, perhaps, will also affect who we're going to be in the future.
I wish the things you go through next year will bring out the best in you. I wish you find a way and courage to reveal your true and distinctive beauty. May this new year be filled with mental calm, inner peace, deep sense of security and ubreakable hope.
Happy New Year!

The Little seed’s life by Marina Kurishko

12 Сен 2022

The Little seed’s life by Marina Kurishko

Once upon a time, a Little seed woke up in a dark place and thought, “Why am I sitting here? Is this place my home or is there something more interesting in the World, than to observe worms and moles that crawl around?”

English Language Practice

05 Сен 2022

English Language Practice

Практические задания по грамматике, вокабуляру, аудированию, чтению, разговору и письму на четырех уровнях - начальном, ниже среднего, среднем и выше среднего.

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