Past perfect Упражнения по грамматике

Put the word in brackets into the correct form.

1. After we ___ (finish) lunch, we went out.

2. The garden died because it ___ (be) dry all summer.

3. She ___ (meet) him somewhere before.

4. They were late for the plane because they ___ (forget) our passports.

5. She told me she ___ (study) a lot before the test.

6. The grass was yellow because it ___ (not/rain) for a long time.

7. The lights went off because they ___ (not/pay) the electricity bill.

8. The kids ___ (not/do) their homework, so they were in trouble.

9. We ___ (not/eat) so we went to a restaurant.

10. We couldn’t go into the concert because we ___ (not/buy) our tickets.

11. She said that she ___ (visit) Ukraine before.

12. She ___ (not/use) messanger before, so I showed her how to use it.

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps in the correct tense – Past Perfect or Simple Past.

1. After Alex __ (spend) his holiday in Spain he __ (want) to learn Japanese.

2. Sveta __ (phone) Tolik at work before she __ (leave) for her trip.

3. Tanya __ (turn on) the TV after she __ (wash) the dishes.

4. When he __ (arrive) the match already __ (start).

5. After Lilia __ (come) home he __ (feed) the cat.

6. Before he __ (sing) a song he __ (play) the guitar.

7. He __ (watch) a video after the children __ (go) to bed.

8. After Maxim __ (make) breakfast he __ (phone) his friend.

9. I __ (be) very tired because I __ (study) too much.

10. They __ (ride) their bikes before they __ (meet) their friends.


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