Глагольные конструкции в косвенной речи

Краткое введение в три базовых типа глагольных конструкции в косвенной речи (reported speech) английского языка.

Verb + that clause:

- without object (add, admit, announce, claim, complain, insist, reply, state, say, suggest)

- with object (warn ‘him’, tell ‘him’)

Verb + infinitive to:

- without object (refuse, agree, claim, offer)

- with object (ask ‘him’, advise ‘him’, encourage, beg, invite, remind, order, persuade, tell, warn)

Verb + -ing:

- without preposition (consider, regret, suggest, admit, advise)

- with preposition (complain about, insist on, thank for, apologize for, admit to).

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