Future perfect Упражнения по грамматике

Make the future perfect


1. I __ (leave) by seven.

2. __ (you/finish) the project by the deadline?

3. He __ (finish) his exams by then, so we can go the cinema.

4. She __ (not/finish) work by six.

5. __ (you/do) everything by ten?

6. __ (they/arrive) by the time it gets dark?

7. How long __ (you/be) in this company by the time you retire?

8. By this time tomorrow, I __ (finish) the website.

9. By 9 o'clock, the kids __ (fall) asleep.

10. Ivan __ (clean) the entire house by dinner.


1. Before Sunday, you __ (do) all of your homework.

2. By September, Rita __ (teach) us for over a year.

3. In 2020, they __ (work) here for 20 years.

4. They __ (write) their essay by tomorrow.

5. Sveta __ (manage) the teams well.

6. If we can't do that, then we __ (not/fulfil) our mission.

7. __ (buy / he) the new house by November?

8. The sun__ (not / rise) by 5 o'clock.

9. __ (you/do) the shopping by 5 o'clock?

10. They __ (be) married for 40 years by the end of this month.


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