Gradable and ungradable adjectives

Наречия с градируемыми и неградируемыми прилагательными (Gradable and ungradable adjectives)

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Gradable adjectives Ungradable adjectives
old ancient
surprising amazing
hot boiling
intelligent brilliant
loud deafening
happy / pleased delighted
unpleasant disgusting
good wonderful / fantastic / excellent / perfect
tired exhausted
interesting fascinating
dirty filthy
cold freezing
angry furious
hungry starving
scary terrifying
small tiny
big enormous / huge / gigantic / giant
tasty delicious
ugly hideous
upset devastated
important vital / essential / crucial
surprising astounding
pretty gorgeous / beautiful
crowded packed
funny hilarious
bad awful / terrible / horrible
clean spotless

The use of the adverbs of degree:

The adverbs of degree which can be used with gradable adjectives:

hugely, incredibly, fairly, rather, less, reasonably, a bit, very, really, extremely, slightly.

Examples: very cold, extremely angry, a bit hot, fairly important.

The adverbs of degree which can be used with ungradable adjectives: absolutely, completely, really, utterly, totally.

Examples: utterly freezing, really fascinating.

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