Past simple or present perfect Упражнения по грамматике

Complete the sentences

1. A: Did you like the movie "The Reader "
B: I don't know. I (see, never) __ that movie.

2. Sam (arrive) __ in Kiev a week ago.

3. My best friend and I (know) __ each other for over fifty years. We still get together once a week.

4. Mark is a fantastic writer. He (write) __ ten very creative short stories in the last year. One day, he'll be as famous as Shevchenko.

5. I (have, not) __ this much fun since I (be) __ a kid.

6. Things (change) __ a great deal at Rothen, Inc. When we first (start) __ working here three years ago, the company (have, only) __ six employees. Since then, we (expand) __ to include more than 2000 full-time workers.

7. I (tell) __ him to stay on the path while he was hiking, but he (wander) __ off into the forest and (be) __ bitten by a fly.

8. Listen Liza, I don't care if you (miss) __ the bus this morning. You (be) __ late to work too many times. You are fired!

9. Sergey is from Vyshgorod, which is hundreds of miles from the coast, so he (see, never) __ the ocean. He should come with us to Miami.

10. How sad! Dmitriy (dream) __ of going to California before he died, but he didn't make it. He (see, never) __ the ocean.

11. In the last hundred years, traveling (become) __ much easier and very comfortable. In the 19th century, it (take) __ two or three months to cross North America by covered wagon. The trip (be) __ very rough and often dangerous. Things (change) __ a great deal in the last hundred and fifty years. Now you can fly from New York to Los Angeles in a matter of hours.

12. Anton, I can't believe how much you (change) __ since the last time I (see) __ you. You (grow) __ at least a foot!

13. This tree (be) __ planted by the settlers who (found) __ our city over four hundred years ago.

14. This mountain (be, never) __ climbed by anyone. Several mountaineers (try) __ to reach the top, but nobody (succeed, ever) __. The climb is extremely difficult and many people (die) __ trying to reach the summit.

15. I (visit, never) __ Africa, but I (travel) __ to South America several times. The last time I (go) __ to South America, I (visit) __ Brazil and Peru. I (spend) __ two weeks in the Amazon, (hike) __ for a week near Machu Picchu, and (fly) __ over the Nazca Lines.


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