Mixed verb tenses

Fill the gaps with the correct tenses.

1. I (learn) __ English for eight years now.

2. Last year I (not / work) __ hard on English grammar, that's why my marks (not / be) __ so good.

3. During my last summer holidays, my parents (send) __ me on a language course to the English4real language school.

4. It (be) __ nice and I (believe) __ I (learn) __ a lot then.

5. Before I (go) __ to that course, I (not / enjoy) __ learning English.

6. When I (do) __ the language course, I (make) __ some friends.

7. There I (notice) __ how important it (be) __ to be able to build an argument and express yourself.

8. Now I (have) __ much more progress in learning English than I (have) __ before I started the course.

9. At the moment I (review) __ English grammar.

10. I (start / already) __ to revise the texts in my English textbooks again to check if I (study) __ the vocabulary well.

11. I (think) __ I (do) __ one module every day.

12. My final test (be) __ on 25 December, so there (not / be) __ much time left.

13. If I (do) __ my test well, I (buy) __ myself a nice present.

14. Then, maybe I (go) __ to visit my grandparents.

15. By 2050, I believe I (write) __ a book about my life and experience.


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