Future perfect continuous Упражнения по грамматике

Complete the sentences with the words in brackets

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones (to act) __ in America for 12 years by the year 2010.

2. By the time I retire, I (to write) ___ movie reviews for more than 30 years.

3. By the time the movie will stop, it (to rain) __ outside for 4 hours at least.

4. By the time he turns 30, Elijah Woods (to work) __ in the entertainment business for 32 years.

5. At the end of his career, Kevin Spacey (to entertain) __ audiences for many many years.

6. Stephen Spielberg (to make) __ great movies for a long time when he will decide to stop.

7. At the end of the show, I (to eat) __ continuously.

8. By the time he stops, my friend (to act) __ for most of his life.

9. My cousin (to exercise) __ for 2 years next week in preparation for a role in a movie.

10. They (to think) __ about whether to go see the new movie or not for half an hour by the time it begins tonight.


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