Letter of complaint Жалоба


Dear Mr Atkinson,

Re order No. RT0627

I am writing to inform you that the stationary materials we ordered from your company have not been supplied correctly. On 7 May this year we placed an order with your warehouse for 1,000 Dutch Kin pencils. The consignment arrived today morning but contained only 999 pencils. What’s more, the boxes in which the pencils were packed were badly damaged, and looked as though they had been broken open somewhere in transit.

This error put my Internet shop into a very difficult position and caused me some considerable inconvenience as now I wouldn’t be able to give one of such pencils to my personal assistant Vera.

I am writing to complain about the situation and ask you to please make up the shortfall immediately. Furthermore, having worked with your company for more than 2 months, I expected you ensure that such errors do not happen again. Otherwise, I may surely have to look for the supplies elsewhere.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Vasya Udaltsov

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Другие фразы и выражения Перевод на русский
I am writing to complain about Я пишу с целью пожаловаться на
I am writing with reference to Order No OZ0672, which we received yesterday. Я пишу относительно заказа №OZ0672, который мы получили вчера.
This is the fifth time this mistake has occurred and I am getting a bit dissatisfied with your service Уже пятый раз, когда происходит эта ошибка и я немного начинаю быть недовольным вашими услугами
Would you please correct your mistake as soon as possible? Вы не могли бы исправить эту ошибку как можно скорее?
There appears to be an error on the statement. Кажется есть ошибка в выписке.
There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the terms of discount. Кажется есть некоторое недоразумение в вопросе предоставления скидок.

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