Present Simple. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Use affirmative

1. I _go_ (go) shopping with my brother.

2. We sometimes _use_ (use) a dictionary in class.

3. My friends _ study _ (study) Italian at their school.

4. School _finishes_ (finish) at three o?clock.

5.You _live_ (live) near me.

6. He _likes_ (like) rap music.

7. She _does_ (do) her homework before dinner.

8. We _play_ (play) tennis in school on Wednesday afternoon.

9. I _watch_ (watch) TV in the evening.

10. My mother _teaches_ (teach) art.

Use negative

1. I study French.

_I don’t study French_

2. School finishes at two o?clock.

_School doesn’t finish at two o’clock_

3. You copy from other students.

_ You don’t copy from other students. _

4. We think English is easy.

_ We don’t think English is easy _

5. My friends play volleyball.

_ My friends don’t play volleyball _

6. I watch TV on Saturday morning.

_ I don’t watch TV on Saturday morning _

7. She speaks Chinese.

_ She doesn’t speak Chinese _

8. The dog likes cats.

_ The dog doesn’t like cats _

9. They listen to pop music.

_ They don’t listen to pop music _

10. I play with my hamster every day.

_ I don’t play with my hamster every day _

Write questions and short answers

1. live / in / you / Do / Chernigiv / ?

_Do you live in Chernigiv?_

No, _I don’t_

2. in / students / Do / the canteen / ? / eat

_Do students eat in the canteen?_

Yes, _they do_

3. to school / your brother / on Saturday / ? / Does / go

_Does your brother go to school on Saturday?_

No, _he doesn’t_

4. live / near / Do / your friends / you / ?

_Do your friends live near you?_

Yes, _they do_

5. at / school/ finish / Does / three o?clock / ?

_Does your school finish at three o’clock?_

No, _it doesn’t_


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