Настоящее совершенное. Часть 3. Ответы

Present perfect. Part 3


1. have; driven

2. has lived

3. have seen

4. has been

5. has; met

6. have; eaten


1. have eaten

2. have; ridden

3. has been

4. has had

5. have; watched

6. has; met


1. She has never made a mistake.

2. I have never ridden a horse.

3. They have never been bungee jumping.

4. He has never fallen in love.

5. They have never been to Israel.

6. I have never appeared on TV.


2. Has Rebecca ever had a piercing?

3. Have you ever broken a window?

4. Have you ever spilled a drink

5. Has; ever been to

6. Has; ever been on a blind date?


2. Has; ever been on a blind date?

3. Have you ever spilled a drink

4. Has your dad ever arrived late?

5. Have you ever broken a glass?

6. Have Alya and Vadim ever had a tattoo?

7. Has; ever been


1. yet 2. haven’t 3. Has 4. have 5. ever 6. just


1. have

2. ever

3. just

4. yet

5. haven't

6. Has


1. They have just made a decision

2. He hasn't finished his essay yet.

3. She has already bought the tickets.

4. I have already fogotten to answer.

5. You haven't started dinner yet.

6. We jhave already seen that movie.


1. How long have they lived here? They’ve lived here for six years.

2. How long has he taught science? He’s taught science since 2005.

3. How long have you had long hair? I’ve had long hair since I was sixteen.

4. How long has she worked in Rovno? She’s worked in Rovno for two years.


1. How long have your worked here? I’ve worked here for three months.

2. How long has she been a pop star? She’s been a pop star since she was eighteen.

3. How long have they taken Spanish classes? They’ve taken Spanish classes since the summer.

4. How long has he studied medicine? He’s studied medicine for four years.

1. Dmitriy / paint _has Dmitriy been painting_

2. the secretary / the documents / print out _has the secretary been printing out the documents_

3. we / a room / share _have we been sharing a room_

4. the dog / run around / how long _how long has the dog been running around_

5. she / at the door / knock / how long _how long has she been knocking at the door_


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