Present perfect (Настоящее совершенное). Ответы


1. I have never flown a plane.

2. I have seen a movie star.

3. She has never been to Europe.

4. He has never told a lie.

5. They have been on a blind date.

6. We have never visited Poland


1. has had 2. have traveled 3. has been 4. has written 5. have dyed 6. has eaten 7. have spoken 8. have swum


1. Misha hasn’t been paragliding.

2. Klava has been bungee jumping.

3. Misha has been skydiving.

4. Klava hasn’t ridden a camel.

5. Misha and Klava have played tennis.

6. Misha and Klava haven’t eaten spiders.


1. have traveled

2. has had

3. has read

4. have written

5. has watched

6. has dyed

7. have eaten

8. have met


1. Mikhail has never gone on a blin date.

2. Kolya has lived in Japan.

3. Toby has ahd a tattoo.

4. Vera and Rustam have never played the guitar.

5. My friends have travelled to many interesting places.

6. I have never eaten snails.


1. Has she ever won a prize?

2. Have they ever dyed their hair?

3. Has he ever traveled by boat?

4. Have you ever forgotten an appointment?

5. Have you ever spilled food on someone?

6. Has he ever eaten fried spiders?


1. Have you ever had a tattoo?

2. Have your parents ever visited Argentina?

3. Has Masha ever ridden a camel?

4. Have Danila and Phil ever played tennis?

5. Has Valera ever fallen down in public?

6. Has Konstantin ever been surfing?

7. Have you ever been on TV?

8. Have Nataliya and Anya ever laughed at the wrong time?


1. Have you ever been to Moldova City?

2.Has Anton ever ridden a motorcycle?

3. Has Leonid eaten Indian food?

4. Have we ever been skydiving?

5. Has Kondrat ever fallen down on the sidewalk?

6. Have Bianka and Dariya worn their shirts inside out?

7. Have you played the piano?

8. Has Artem has shouted at a friend?

9. Has your teacher ever dyed his hair?


1. I have 2. she hasn’t 3. they have 4. he has 5. he hasn’t 6. they haven’t


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