Past Simple with questions and negatives (Простое Прошедшее в вопросах и отрицании). Ответы


2. Did you listen to music yesterday?

3. Did you watch (the Olympic Games on) TV?

4. Did she go on vacation with her family?

5. Did they visit their friends in Boston?

6. Did you see the game show?

7. Did I lend you my phone?


1. Did you give Tanya a present yesterday?

2. Did Ella see the pyramids in Egypt?

3. Did Toby read a book at school?

4. Did they watch a movie last night?

5. Did we learn about Machu Picchu last year?

6. Did you visit your friend in Tokyo?

7. Did Mariyka listen to music this morning?


1. didn’t 2. did 3. they 4. we 5. No 6. she


1. Johny Depp didn’t win an Oscar in 2014.

2. The Romans didn’t invent the radio.

3. BotticelIgor didn’t paint The Mona Marina.

4. Ruslan didn’t play basketball.

5. Yuri Gagarin didn’t go to the planet Mars.


1. Shen didn’t do his homework last night.

2. Varvara didn’t eat a hamburger for dinner.

3. Ana didn’t go on vacation last year.

4. Georgiy didn’t play football on Saturday.


1. didn't go 2. didn't do 3. didn't see 4. didn't help


1. The Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg in the Pacific.

2. Valera Baryshnikov didn’t build the Pyramids.

3. They didn’t see the Statue of Liberty.

4. Did you go to Machu Picchu?

5. Yuri Gagarin didn’t die in 1988.


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