Present Continuous (Настоящее Продолжительное). Ответы

1. Заполните предложения с Настоящим Продолжительным (Present Continuous).

1. is working 2. is watching 3. are playing

4. is celebrating 5. are sitting 6. is raining

2. Напишите негативные предложения с Настоящим Продолжительным (Present Continuous).

1. We aren’t walking to school now.

2. Nadya isn’t dancing in the street.

3. Kolya isn’t painting a picture.

4. Mom and Dad aren’t cooking dinner.

5. Misha isn’t getting dressed.

6. They aren’t watching fireworks.

3. Обведите правильную форму be

1. isn’t 2. aren’t 3. am not 4. isn’t

5. isn’t 6. aren’t

4. Напишите одно негативное предложение и одно утвердительное предложение. Используйте Настоящее Продолжительное (Present Continuous).

1. My sister isn’t writing a text message.

She’s playing computer games.

2. My dad isn’t working. He’s watching TV.

3. I’m not playing football. I’m reading a book.

4. We aren’t dancing. We’re talking.

5. Tanya and Alexey aren’t eating breakfast.

They’re eating dinner.

5. Сопоставьте ответы с вопросами.

2. e 3. a 4. c 5. d.

6. Напишите слова в правильном порядке, чтобы сформировать вопросы.

1. Are your friends playing video games?

2. Is Katya waiting for the bus?

3. Are we babysitting our brother?

4. Are you doing your homework?

5. Is your teacher helping you?

6. Are they watching a movie?

7. Эти вопросы в Настоящем продолжительном (Present Continuous) неверны. Напишите правильные вопросы.

1. Are you watching TV?

2. Are they walking in the park?

3. Is she singing a rap song?

4. Is it raining?

5. Is he talking on the phone?

8. Напишите короткие ответы.

1. Yes, you are. 2. No, I’m not. 3. Yes, he is. 4. Yes, they are. 5. No, he isn’t.

6. Yes, she is. 7. No, we aren’t.

9. Напишите вопросы в Настоящем продолжительно (Present Continuous) и короткие ответы.

2. Is Pasha writing an e-mail? Yes, he is.

3. Are Misha and Marta reading a book?

No, they aren’t.

4. Is Vova getting dressed? No, he isn’t.

10. Напишите предложения в правильном порядке.

1. What are you writing?

2. Where are you going tonight?

3. What is your brother doing?

4. My dad and brother are cleaning the car.

5. Are you babysitting this week?

11. Заполните пробелы, используя Настоящее Продолжительное (Present Continuous).

1. are watching 2. am helping 3. isn’t working 4. am going 5. aren’t going 6. are watching 7. is having 8. isn’t performing

12. Напишите вопросы and complete the answers. Используйте Настоящее Продолжительное (Present Continuous).

1. Are you having a birthday party this year? Yes, I am.

2. Is Grisha playing baseball on Saturday? No, he isn’t.

3. Are you meeting your sister this morning? No, I’m not.

4. Is Sasha getting the bus to school Tomorrow? Yes, she is.

5. Are you parents coming home today? No, they aren’t.

6. Are you seeing Danila today? Yes, I am.

13. Заполните пробелы. Используйте Настоящее Продолжительное (Present Continuous).

1. am not going 2. is going 3. are cooking 4. isn’t watching 5. is meeting 6. are having

14. Напишите вопросы для предложений в упражнении 3.

2. Is Alex going to the parade tonight?

3. Are Mom and Dad cooking dinner this evening?

4. Is LoSveta watching a horror movie tonight?

5. Is Lupita meeting Fernanda this afternoon?

6. Are we having a picnic on the weekend?

16. Напишите вопросы. Используйте Настоящее Продолжительное (Present Continuous).

1. How long is she staying in Poland?

2. When is he going to the music festival?

3. Is she going snowboarding in the winter?

4. Are they watching TV tonight?

5. What are you doing Tomorrow morning?

6. Are you playing basketball tomorrow afternoon?

17. Заполните пробелы. Используйте Настоящее Продолжительное (Present Continuous).

1. am seeing

2. Are - watching

3. are playing

4. is flying

5. Are - having

6. are meeting

7. I - visiting

8. Is - going

18. Заполните пробелы. Используйте Настоящее Продолжительное (Present Continuous) form of глаголы в скобках.

1. is having 2. Are; going 3. are playing 4. Are; buying 5. Is; doing 6. are making


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