Present perfect. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Change the verb into the correct form:


1. I _have read_ (read) the book several times.

2. She _has worn_ (wear) that shirt many times.

3. My family _has visited_ (visit) Ukraine a few times.

4. I _have eaten_ (eat) already.

5. Svetlana _has finished_ (finish) her homework.

6. You _have broken_ (break) the laptop again.

7. We _have paid_ (pay) for everything.

8. It _has never rained_ (never rain) like that.

9. I _have met_ (meet) Alex once.

10. We _have seen_ (see) him before.

11. She _has been_ (be) sick since Monday.

12. You _have been_ (be) away for 3 weeks.

13. He _has hated_ (hate) garlic since childhood.

14. Victor and Natalia _have been_ (be) together for two years.

15. I _have liked_ (like) mango since my last trip.


1. I _have been_ (be) here for three hours.

2. They _have owned_ (own) the house since 1996.

3. They _have had_ (have) those problems for a long time.

4. We _have eaten_ (eat) seen this film already.

5. She _has checked_ (check) my spelling.

6. Dmitriy _has tasted_ (taste) baked bananas in his trip to South America.

7. Tatiana _has bought_ (buy) a new television.

8. Vasiliy _has broken_ (break) his leg.

9. Valera and Yana _have had_ (have) a baby.

10. I _have known_ (know) Petya for all my life.

11. Nikita _has worked_ (work) here since last November.

12. Maxim _has been_ (be) sick for two days now.

13. You _have waited_ (wait) for an answer since March.

14. Julia _has been_ (be) here since last summer.

15. I _have built_ (build) many houses in my life.

16. They _have prepared_ (prepare) a beautiful lunch for us.

17. I _have eaten_ (eat) too much.

18. Kirill _has drunk_ (drink) all the juice.

19. Marta _has wasted_ (waste) all her money on drinks.

20. I _have been_ (be) in Moldova for over 15 years.


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