Present perfect continuous. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Write a question for each situation.

1. Irina looks sunburnt.

You ask: (you/sit in the sun?) Have you been sitting in the sun?

2. You have just arrived to meet a girlfriend who is waiting for you.

You ask: (you / wait / long?) _How long have you been waiting_

3. You meet a friend in the street. Her face and hands are very dirty.

You ask: (what / you / do?) _What have you been doing_

4. A friend of yours is now living in Khreschatic street.

You want to know ¨How long … ?´

You ask: how long / you / live / in Khreschatic street? _How long have you been living in Khreschatic street_

5. A friend tells you about his job – he sells computers.

You want to know ´How long …?´

You ask: (how long / you / sell / computers?) _How long have you been selling computers_

Put the verbs in present perfect continuous.

1. He (work) has been working in this company since 1995.

2. I (wait) _have been waiting_ for you since three o'clock.

3. Mary (live) _has been living_ in Germany since 1992.

4. Why is he so tired? He (play) _has been playing_ football for five hours.

5. How long (learn / you) _have you been learning_ English?

6. We (look for) _have been looking_ the motorway for more than two hours.

7. I (live) _have been living_ without electricity for three weeks.

8. The film (run / not) _hasn't been running_ for ten minutes yet, but there's a commercial break again already.

9. How long (work / he) _has he been working_ in the garden?

10. He (not / be) _hasn't been_ in the garden for more than an hour.

Write sentences in present perfect continuous.

1. the cat / the mouse / chase _the cat has been chasing the mouse_

2. he / the homework / copy _he has been copying the homework_

3. they / a new garden / take care _they have been taking care of the garden_

4. they / in a forum / chat / not _they have not been chatting in a forum_

5. Ruslan / on the task / concentrate / not _Ruslan hasn't been concentrating on the task_

Write questions in present perfect continuous.

1. Dmitriy / paint __

2. the secretary / the documents / print out __

3. we / a room / share __

4. the dog / run around / how long __

5. she / at the door / knock / how long __


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