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Add the ending "-ing"

1. camping
2. swimming
3. travelling
4. walking
5. having
6. writing
7. cooking
8. shopping

Complete the sentences

1. His dad and brother _ are cycling_ (cycle) to the shops.
2. We _aren’t travelling_ (not travel) in Japan.
3. I _ am sunbathing_ (sunbathe) on the beach.
4. She _isn’t watching_ (not watch) TV.
5. They _aren’t swimming_ (not swim) in the sea.
6. Sue _is staying_ (stay) at home today.

Write the questions and the short answers

1. your dad / work / today /?
_Is your dad working today?_
Yes, _he is_
2. you / have a good time / on holiday / ?
_Are you having a good time on holiday?_
Yes, _I am_
3. your mum / cook dinner / now / ?
_Is your mum cooking dinner now?_
Yes, _she is_
4. your friends / play football / ?
_Are your friends playing football?_
Yes, _they are_

Complete the dialogues

1. a. I'm going on holiday.
b. Where _are you going_ ?
2. a. He's cooking dinner.
b. What _is he cooking_ ?
3. a. My sister is going to England.
b. Who _is going_ ?
4. a. We aren't staying in a hotel.
b. Where _are you staying_ ?

Complete the sentences


1. I _am watching_ (watch) a reality show on TV.
2. My favourite team _is winning_ (win)!
3. Someone _is swimming_ (swim) in the sea.
4. Two people _are cooking_ (cook) dinner on the beach.
5. We _are not watching_ (not watch) a soap opera.
6. I _am not doing_ (not do) my homework.
7. Mum _is reading_ (read) a magazine.
8. My brother _isn’t listening_ (not listen) to the radio.
9. Dad _isn’t cooking_ (not cook) dinner.
10. Tara _is talking_ (talk) by phone.
11. Joe _is playing_ (play) on the computer.
12. Who _is watching_ (watch) TV?
13. Tina _is doing_ (do) grammar exercises.
14. I _am eating_ (eat) a pizza.
15. We _are sitting_ (sit) in the classroom.
16. I _am not writing_ (not write) an email.
17. Amy _isn’t going_ (not go) to school today.
18. We _aren’t having_ (not have) fun today.
19. My team _isn’t winning_ (not win) the match.
20. My parents _are driving_ (drive) to work now.
21. _Are_ they _reading_ (read) magazines? Yes, they are.
22. _Are_ you _learning_ (learn) English? Yes I am.
23. _Is_ Helen _writing_ (write) a letter? No, she isn?t.
24. _Is_ Sarah _playing_ (play) the guitar? Yes, she is.
25. We _aren’t playing_ (not play) basketball.


1. Trina _is walking_ (walk) past the supermarket.
2. Where are you? We _are waiting_ (wait) for you!
3. I'm on a bus and it _isn’t moving_ (not move).
4. When _are_ you _coming_ (come) to see me?
5. I _am sitting_ (sit) on a bus.
6. Pete's mother _isn’t having_ (not have) a burger.
7. John's friends _are playing_ (play) football at the Sports Centre.
8. My best friend _is sitting_ (sit) next to me.
9. I _am not wearing_ (not wear) something blue.
10. My teacher _isn’t stadning_ (not stand) behind me.


1. I _am learning_ (learn) how to swim.
2. I _am eating_ (eat) my lunch.
3. I _am watching_ (watch) television.
4. She _is reading_ (read) a book.
5. Dad _is baking_ (bake) a cake.
6. My sister _is listening_ (listen) to music.
7. Peter _is cleaning_ (clean) his car.
8. The dog _is barking_ (bark) in the garden.
9. We _are singing_ (sing) our favourite song.
10. My brother and I _are playing_ (play) a computer game.
11. The teachers _are showing_ (show) us a film.
12. They _are bringing_ (bring) a TV in the classroom.
13. She's bored. Her friend _is watching_ (watch) TV again.
14. Martin's excited. Chelsea _is winning_ (win) the match.
15. I'm scared. A big dog _is standing_ (stand) in front of me.
16. She's happy. She _isn’t working_ (not work) today.
17. I'm worried. It _is raining_ (rain) and I haven?t got an umbrella.
18. The teacher is annoyed. We _are not listening_ (not listen).
19. What _are_ you _waiting_ (wait) for? I?m _waiting_ (wait) for John.
20. _Is_ it _snowing_ (snow)? No, it _is raining_ (rain).
21. What _are_ you _doing_ (do) today? We _are going_ (go) to the park.
22. _Are_ you _listening_ (listen) to me? No, I _am listening_ (listen) to the radio.
23. _Are_ you _watching_ (watch) TV? No, we _are studying_ (study).
24. What _are_ you _doing_ (do)? I _am doing_ (do) my homework.
25. _Are_ they _sleeping_ (sleep)? Yes, they are.


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