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Complete the sentences


1. I am going (go) to the supermarket tomorrow.

2. My sister is giving (give) me her car when she gets her new one.

3. We are having (have) a barbecue on Sunday.

4. All my friends are coming (come) to my party next week.

5. We are taking (take) my niece to Aquapark later today.

6. The train is leaving (leave) in ten minutes.

7. We are going (go) to the zoo tomorrow.

8. On Friday I am going (go) to Rob's party.

9. My teacher is going (go) to school tomorrow.

10. Rhonda is staying (stay in) on Friday.

11. Bill is going (go) to the cinema at the weekend.

12. Is Susan working (work) this week?

13. Is your English getting (get) better?

14. I am seeing (see) the manager tomorrow.

15. He is playing (play) tennis this afternoon.

16. Sue is coming (come) to see us tomorrow.

17. I am going (go) to the theatre this evening.

18. At what time is Katy arriving (arrive) tomorrow.

19. I am working (not work) this evening.

20. I am not using (not use) the car this evening.

21. When are you taking (take) me to the zoo?

22. I am starting (start) piano lessons soon.

23. We are going (go) camping tomorrow.

24. Pete's parents are taking (take) him to Holland next week.

25. My favourite TV program is starting (start) in a minute.


1. All our friends are coming (come).

2. Who is bringing (bring) salad for the barbecue?

3. I am visiting (visit) Joe next week.

4. Where are you going (go) for your vacation?

5. What are we eating (eat) for dinner?

6. I am meeting (meet) some friends after work.

7. I am not going (not go) to the party tonight.

8. Is he visiting (visit) his parents next weekend?

9. Is he coming (not come) with us tonight?

10. When are you getting (get) married?

11. He is seeing (see) his mother on Tuesday.

12. She is travelling (travel) to York at the weekend.

13. We are eating (eat) in a restaurant tonight.

14. They can play tennis tomorrow. They aren’t working (not work).

15. When are you starting (start) your new job?

16. Mary is taking (take) her music exam next year.

17. I am going (go) abroad this summer.

18. She is getting (get) married this month.

19. I am having (have) my first piano lessons this week.

20. Are they having (have) a party on Friday?

21. Are you meeting (meet) Vicky today?

22. He is not going (not go) to school tomorrow.

23. We are getting (get up) early on Saturday to play golf.

24. I am staying (stay) in a hotel near the station next week.

25. I am driving (drive) to Manchester on Friday.


1. I am seeing (see) my dentist on Monday.

2. Sonia is coming (come) for dinner tomorrow.

3. Are you doing (do) anything tonight?

4. He is going (go) to write a book.

5. I am taking (take) sally out for dinner tonight.

6. The girls and I are going (go) out tonight.

7. They are having (have) a very small wedding.

8. Are you meeting (meet) your friends tomorrow?

9. Are you staying (stay) with me today?

10. Sally is meeting (meet) Luis at 3 p.m.

11. We are flying (fly) to Mexico on Saturday.

12. Our grandmother is visiting (visit) us at Christmas.

13. I am meeting (meet) my father at the airport.

14. He is not working (not work) next week.

15. He is picking (pick) me up at one o´clock.

16. The company is giving (give) everybody a bonus for Christmas.

17. I am singing (sing) tonight at the club.

18. I am finishing (finish) my degree next year.

19. We are buying (buy) a new house next year.

20. We are having (have) a test in two days.

21. Petya is babysitting (babysit) tonight.

22. She isn’t doing (not do) anything next week.

23. I am studying (study) next weekend.

24. They are coming (come) to the party next weekend.

25. I am leaving (leave) at 3 o'clock.


1. I am planning (plan) my wedding.

2. I am spending (spend) the evening with Isabel.

3. Amanda is playing (play) cards this evening.

4. I am taking (take) a train tonight.

5. I am having (have) a month's vacation in June.

6. I am going (go) to Norway next year.

7. I am having (have) lunch with a friend.

8. I am visiting (visit) Paris next week.

9. We are having (have) a party next weekend.

10. He is going (go) on a business trip next week.

11. He is starting (start) a photography course tomorrow.

12. They are getting (get) married next week.

13. We are moving (move) house next week.

14. I am taking (take) an exam in October.

15. I am leaving (leave) by train tomorrow.

16. They are staying (stay) until 5 o'clock.

17. We are coming (come) back next Friday.

18. They are visiting (visit) the museum tomorrow.

19. They are having (have) a picnic on Sunday.

20. I am visiting (visit) my grandmother next summer.

21. Paco is playing (play) golf at the weekend.

22. He is having (have) a late breakfast.

23. I am going (go) to Norway next week.

24. My plane is arriving (arrive) tonight at 8.30 p.m.

25. What are you doing later? I am playing (play) soccer.


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