Past simple or continuous. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Put the verb into the correct form, past continuous or past simple.

1. Elena was waiting (wait) for me when I arrived. (arrive)

2. ´What _______________ (you/do) this time yesterday?´ I was asleep.

3. ´___________ (you(go) out last night?´ ´No, I was too tired.´

4. ´Was Elizabeth at the party last night?´ ´Yes, she ____________ ´ (wear) a really nice dress.

5. How fast _____________ (you/drive) when the accident ____________ (happen)?

6. Damian ___________ (take) a photograph of me while I ___________ (not/look).
7. We were in a very difficult position. We _______________ (not/know) what to do.

8. I haven't seen Petya for ages. When I last _________ (see) him, he _________ (try) to find a job in London.

9. I ____________ (walk) along the street when suddenly I ________(hear) footsteps behind me. Somebody ______ (follow) me. I was frightened and I __________ (start) to run.

10. When I was young, I ____________ (want) to be a bus driver.

Complete the sentences

1. A: What (you, do) ________________ when the accident occurred?
B: I (try) ________________ to change a light bulb that had burnt out.

2. After I (find) ________________ the wallet full of money, I (go, immediately) ________________ to the police and (turn) ________________ it in.

3. The doctor (say) ________________ that Tom (be) ________________ too sick to go to work and that he (need) ________________ to stay at home for a couple of days.

4. Sebastian (arrive) ________________ at Susan's house a little before 9:00 PM, but she (be, not) ________________ there. She (study, at the library) ________________ for her final examination in French.

5. Sandy is in the living room watching television. At this time yesterday, she (watch, also) ________________ television. That's all she ever does!

6. A: I (call) ________________ you last night after dinner, but you (be, not) ________________ there. Where were you?
B: I (work) ________________ out at the fitness center.

7. When I (walk) ________________ into the busy office, the secretary (talk) ________________ on the phone with a customer, several clerks (work, busily) ________________ at their desks, and two managers (discuss, quietly) ________________ methods to improve customer service.

8. I (watch) ________________ a mystery movie on TV when the electricity went out. Now I am never going to find out how the movie ends.

9. Sharon (be) ________________ in the room when John told me what happened, but she didn't hear anything because she (listen, not) ________________.

10. It's strange that you (call) ________________ because I (think, just) ________________ about you.

11. The Titanic (cross) ________________ the Atlantic when it (strike) ________________ an iceberg.

12. When I entered the bazaar, a couple of merchants (bargain, busily) ________________ and (try) ________________ to sell their goods to naive tourists who (hunt) ________________ for souvenirs. Some young boys (lead) ________________ their donkeys through the narrow streets on their way home. A couple of men (argue) ________________ over the price of a leather belt. I (walk) ________________ over to a man who (sell) ________________ fruit and (buy) ________________ a banana.

13. The firemen (rescue) ________________ the old woman who (be) ________________ trapped on the third floor of the burning building.

14. She was so annoying! She (leave, always) ________________ her dirty dishes in the sink. I think she (expect, actually) ________________ me to do them for her.

15. Samantha (live) ________________ in Berlin for more than two years. In fact, she (live) ________________ there when the Berlin Wall came down.


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