Future simple. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Complete the sentences with future form of the verbs in brackets


1. I _will help_ (help) you with your essay.

2. She _will be_ (be) here very late.

3. They _will come_ (come) at 9 o'clock.

4. You _will call_ (call) me tomorrow.

5. I _will use_ (use) the money effectively.

6. They _will return_ (return) as soon as possible.

7. It _will snow_ (snow) tomorrow.

8. It _will be_ (be) very hot this summer.

9. Dmitriy _will pay_ (pay) for it.

10. Vera _will win_ (win) this game.

11. Maybe she _will stay_ (stay) at home.

12. They _will bake_ (bake) some pies.

13. I _will take_ (take) you with me next week.

14. Alexander _will take_ (stay) at home tonight.


1. They _will do_ (do) this together.

2. Next month _will be_ (be) very exciting.

3. People _will invent_ (invent) new things, trust me.

4. I _will be_ (be) in Kiev next week.

5. Valera _will be_ (be) very pleased.

6. Wait a sec, I _will do_ (do) this.

7. We _will catch_ (catch) up with him.

8. They _will probably finish_ (probably finish) next week.

9. You _will fine_ (find) your glasses.

10. It _will be_ (be) rainy tomorrow.


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