Future continuous. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Put the verbs into the correct form (future I continuous)


1. Roma _will be coming_ (to come) to the party on Saturday.

2. They _will be meeting_ (to meet) him tomorrow.

3. This time next week he _will be flying_ (to fly) to Moldova.

4. At 7 o'clock on Saturday they _will be singing_ (to sing) the new song.

5. It _will probably be raining_ (probably/to rain) when I reach Berdichev.

6. Tomorrow at ten I _will be writing_ (to write) a test.

7. Sveta _will be watching_ (to watch) a video when I arrive tonight.

8. You _will be eating_ (to eat) pizza soon.

9. She _will be sleeping_ (to sleep) when you telephone her.

10. They _will be arriving_ (to arrive) in Kiev just about now.


1. At midnight we _will be sleeping_ (sleep).

2. This time next month we _will be sitting_ (sit) at the beach.

3. At nine I _will be watching_ (watch) a film.

4. Tonight we _will be getting_ (get) ready for our English test.

5. They _will be dancing_ (dance) all evening.

6. He _won't be playing_ (not / play) all day.

7. I _won't be working_ (not / work) all afternoon.

8. _Will you be eating_ (eat / you) at seven?

9. _Will she be driving_ (drive / she) to Odessa?

10. _Wil they be fighting_ (fight / they) again soon?


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