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Present Simple (Простое Настоящее)

1. Affirmative Sentences (Утвердительные предложения)

Arrange the words to make sentences in present simple.

1. they / to help their parents - They help their parents.

2. the children / to speak English - The children speak English.

3. I / to buy a newspaper every Monday - I buy a newspaper every Monday.

4. he / to read magazines - He reads magazines.

5. Konstantin / to sing in a band - Konstantin sings in a band.

6. we / to have a dog - We have a dog.

7. Andrey and Ivan / to like cola - Andrey and Ivan like cola.

8. she / to be nice - She is nice.

9. I / to collect stamps - I collect stamps.

10. we / to play card games - We play card games.

2. Negative Sentences (Отрицательные предложения)

Make negative sentences.

1. He buys a new CD. - He does not buy a new CD.

2. I am late. - I am not late.

3. She has a hamster. - She does not have a hamster.

4. It is boring. - It is not boring.

5. She cleans her flat. - She does not clean her flat.

6. You ride your bike every Saturday. - You do not ride your bike every Saturday.

7. Olga takes nice photos. - Olga does not take nice photos.

8. They open the windows. - They do not open the windows.

9. I watch YouTube. - I do not watch YouTube.

10. We play basketball. - We do not play basketball.

3. Questions (Вопросы)

Arrange the words below to make questions.

1. you / to go / to the cinema - Do you go to the cinema?

2. she / to have / friends - Does she have friends?

3. he / to read / books - Does he read books?

4. the hamster / to sleep / in the hamster's bed - Does the hamster sleep in the hamster's bed?

5. she / often / to dream - Does she often dream?

6. he / to play / soccer - Does he play soccer?

7. you / to be / from Poltava - Are you from Poltava?

8. the pupils / to wear / school uniforms - Do the pupils wear school uniforms?

9. she / to collect / disks - Does she collect disks?

10. they / to play / a game - Do they play a game?

4. Questions (Вопросы)

Form questions.

1. Roman drives his car carefully. - How does Roman drive his car?

2. Dima runs with his dog every day. - When does Dima run?

3. Misha goes to Poland for a holiday. - What does Misha do?

4. They play in the yard. - Where do they play?

5. Rick rides his bike. - Who rides his bike?

6. I go to the cinema on Mondays. - When do you go to the cinema?

7. We go to Odessa because it is warm there. - Why do you go to Odessa?

8. Maxim repairs his bike. - What does Maxim repair?

9. Yulia likes rock-music. - What does Yulia like?

10. Maria comes from Moldova. - Where does Maria come from?


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