Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Fill in the correct form (Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous).

1. I (practise) _have been practising__ the piano for 60 minutes.

2. Ivan (run) _has run__ 10 km.

3. The kids (be) _have been__ on holiday for six days.

4. My God. This dog (bark) _has been barking__ since midnight.

5. We (miss) _have missed_ the train already.

7. You (eat / not) _haven't eaten__ anything yet.

8. Tanya (speak / not) __hasn't been speaking_ on the phone for an hour.

9. We (work / not) _haven't been working__ since 6 o'clock. We started an hour ago.

10. We (see / not) __haven't seen_ them for many years.

11. She (send / not) __hasn't sent_ all the pictures yet.

12. How long (wait / you) _have you been waiting__ for us?

13. How many times (tell / I) _have I told__ you not to do that?

14. _Have_ (clean / you) _you cleaned__ the windows this year?

15. How long (take / you) _have you been taking__ the guitar lessons?

16. (stay / you / ever) _Have you even stayed__ on an island?


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