Прилагательные в сравнительной форме Ответы

1. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets

1. Maybe dogs are more intelligent (intelligent) than cats.

2. This painting is more beautiful (beautiful) than that one.

3. Valya is older (old) than Sveta, but don't remind her about it.

4. In Tallinn, the streets are generally narrower (narrow) than in Kyiv.

5. Moscow is busier (busy) than Kyiv.

6. Nikita is quieter (quiet) than his brother.

7. Our house is a bit more comfortable (comfortable) than this hotel.

8. This is more interesting (interesting) book than the one you're reading.

9. A holiday by the sea is better (good) than a holiday in a city.

10. The weather this summer is worse (bad) than it was last year.

2. Fill in the correct comparative or superlative form of the words in brackets

1. He was the cleverest thief of all.

2. My house is bigger than yours.

3. This flower is more beautiful than that one.

4. This is the most interesting book I have ever read.

5. Non-smokers usually live longer than smokers.

6. Which is the most dangerous animal in the world?

7. A holiday by the sea is better than a holiday in the mountains.

8. It is strange but often a coke is more expensive than a beer.

9. Who is the richest woman on earth?

10. The weather this summer is even worse than last summer.

3. Fill in the sentences with correct form the adjectives in brackets.

1. Los Angeles is larger than Chicago.

2. But New York is the largest city of the United States.

3. The weather in Hollywood is better than in New York or New Jersey.

4. Nestor Studios is the oldest movie company in Hollywood.

5. Disneyland is more interesting than any other amusement park.

6. London is the largest city in Great Britain.

7. The Tower of London is one of the most famous London sights.

8. Another sight is the London Eye. With its 135 metres, it is taller than any other big wheel in the world.

9. No other British city has as many inhabitants as London.

10. The London underground, the tube, is the oldest underground in the world.


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