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Interactive Phonemic Chart

18 Nov 2023

Interactive Phonemic Chart

Learn all of the vowel and consonant sounds in American English (received pronunciation) with this free, interactive phonemic chart.

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs)

10 Nov 2023

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs)

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) on separate PDF pages.

My second-language acquisition experience

01 Nov 2023

My personal experience of second language acquisition (SLA) is divided into three stages: initial (1996-2000), intensive (2001-2003), and progressive (2004-2023). Throughout these stages, I have studied English as a second language (L2) using various methods and techniques, the majority of which have been related to the Task-based and Communicative learning approaches. Most significant and notable results in my SLA have been achieved in times when I felt high levels of stress caused by lack of sufficient command of L2, fear of failure and sense of responsibility. In this essay, I aim to briefly describe my SLA experience and what conclusions I draw from it.

CLB 'Can Do' Statements

Canadian Language Benchmark Can Do Statements

All Canadian Language Benchmarks 'Can Do' Statements are divided into separate pages within the corresponding skills category and number of the benchmark.