Modal verbs Упражнения по грамматике

Choose correct letter.

1. I __ go to see the doctor last week because I was very ill.

(a) must (b) must to (c) had to

2. I could __ bought that car but I didn't have enough money to pay for the petrol.

(a) had (b) have (c) have to

3. I __ go now because I am already late for my class.

(a) must (b) had (c) have

4. I may __ able to come to your party if I have the time.

(a) be (b) being (c) being to

5. Do you __ clean the house every day or every week?

(a) must (b) have (c) have to

6. I __ speak French without a problem now because I have had many lessons.

(a) may (b) can (c) have

7. They __ do their homework today because it is a holiday at the school.

(a) must not (b) don't have (c) don't have to

8. I __ help you with your shopping because you have a lot of bags.

(a) ought (b) ought to (c) thought

9. When will you __ come and see us in our new house?

(a) can (b) be able to (c) must

10. I may __ go to Kiev next week because there is a very big exhibition there.

(a) have (b) have to (c) had


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