Modal perfect Упражнения по грамматике

Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meaning


1. Maybe he learned English as a child.

He ____________________________________

2. It was a mistake to ask her to do it.

I ____________________________________.

3. I am sure Vladimir didn’t enjoy his holiday.

Vladimir ____________________________________.

4. It’s possible that the police saw me.

The police ____________________________________.

5. It was unnecessary for you to study this rule.

You ____________________________________.

6. It was a bad idea to go to this train station.

We____________________________________ .

7. I think you were wrong to buy a new TV.

You ____________________________________.

8. It’s possible that I left wallet book at home because it is not here.

I ____________________________________.

9. Maybe she didn’t mean what she told about you.

She ____________________________________.

10. I’m sure that your classmate took your book by mistake.

Your classmate ____________________________________.


1. I suppose you are tired after your work.

You ____________________________________.

2. I am sure he was too tired to go to the cinema.

He ____________________________________.

3. I regret having behaved so badly during the conference.

I ____________________________________.

4. The workers weren't allowed to bring the mobile phones to meeting.

The workers ____________________________________.

5. I didn't finish reading the paper because I was surfing the Internet.

I ____________________________________.

Complete the sentences


1. Your house looks great. You ____________ spent a lot of time building it.

2. Denis went running in the rain. He____________ gotten sick.

3. It was so dark that I fell down the stairs. I ____________ changed the bulb.

4. Sveta ____________ gone by bus. Why did she walk?

5. I called him but nobody answered. He ____________ gone out.

6. You ____________ tidied the front walk. It looks so clean.

7. He ____________ stolen the pen. He was with me all the time.

8. Katherine looks happy. I think she ____________ gotten a new job.

9. The borsch is all gone! Someone ____________ eaten it.

10. Victoria has won every game she's played today. She ____________ (practice) a lot.

11. I don't have anything to wear today. I ____________ (go) shopping.

12. Ira lost her comb on the way to work. She ____________ (lose) it on the bus.

13. You did very well on the exam. You ____________ (study) hard.

14. The Onopenkos ____________ (build) their house anywhere. Why did he choose here?

15. It's hot in here today. I ____________ (wear) a heavy jacket today.

16. You ____________ (feed) your frog. He has been hungry all day.

17. I didn't do very well on the test. I ____________ (spend) more time preparing for the exam.


1. Maxim ____________ gone on holiday. I saw him this morning downtown.

2. Nobody answered the phone at the office. It ____________ closed early.

3. I ____________ revised more for my test. I think I'll fail!

4. Liuda looks really pleased with herself. She ____________ passed her driving test this morning.

5. I didn't know you were going to Andrey's party yesterday. You ____________ told me!

6. I can't believe Kolya hasn't arrived yet. He ____________ caught the wrong train.

7. I can't believe Kolya hasn't arrived yet. He ____________ caught the correct train.

8. Don't lie to me that you were ill yesterday. You ____________ been ill - Valera said you were at the O.E. concert last night.

9. I don't know where they went on holiday but they bought Levas before they left so they ____________ gone to Bulgaria.

10. His number was busy all night - he ____________ been on the phone for hours.


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