Modal can or can’t

1. Заполните предложения with can или can’t.

1. You ________________ check in at the airport.

2. You ________________ buy your ticket online.

3. You ________________ take your pets with you.

4. You ________________ take more than 24 kilos of luggage.

2. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. Office workers can / can’t eat in the office cafeteria.

2. You can / can’t use a credit card in most stores.

3. The car park is full. You can / can’t park there.

4. You can / can’t come to school late every day.

5. It’s very hot in this train. You can / can’t open the windows.

6. You can / can’t swim at this beach. It’s dangerous.

3. Обведите правильные варианты. Школьные правила

1. You can / can’t skateboard in school.

2. You can / can’t drop litter in the classrooms.

3. You can / can’t ask the teacher questions.

4. You can / can’t play loud music in school.

4. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. You can’t taking / take your bike to the camp.

2. Can you / You can bring food and drink?

3. You can’t / cant sleep in school.

4. You can going shop / go shopping on the tour.

5. Can I swim / to swim in the sea?

6. Can I park there? Yes, you can / can’t.

5. Заполните пробелы. Используйте can или can’t.

1. Great, a fast food restaurant! We _______________ eat here.

2. You ______________ shout. It’s a library.

3. You _______________ park there. It’s for motorcycles only.

4. Here’s my cell phone. You _______________ call your mom.

5. It’s 11:45. p.m. We _______________ call Grandma now.

6. Our school doesn’t have a uniform. We ____________ wear what we want to school.


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