Modal Verbs Past ability and possibility

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate modal verbs / constructions

1. Valya __ read 60 words per minute when she was 7.

2. Vasya __ speak French quite well when he lived in Paris.

3. Kirill __ escape the fire. He is safe now.

4. I __ meet him at the airport yesterday. Why didn't he tell me?

5. I'm sure Sveta __ explain everything but nobody asked her.

6. My cat __ eat a lot when he was younger.

7. One of the girls __ get out of the shed. She ran to the town to ask for help.

8. Several prisoners __ escape through the woods at night.

9. I needed to talk to Valera yesterday, but I __ find him anywhere.

10. Nikita __ do the test without any mistakes.


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