should or shouldn’t

1. Обведите правильное слово. Рекоммендации спортсменам.

1. You should / shouldn’t go to bed late.

2. You should / shouldn’t eat healthy food.

3. You should / shouldn’t train every day.

4. You should / shouldn’t wear good sneakers.

5. You should / shouldn’t eat a big meal before you train.

6. You should / shouldn’t wear jewelry when you are playing sport.

2. Напишите вопросы и короткие ответы. Используйте should или shouldn’t.

1. She wants to be a doctor. _______________ she study medicine?
Yes, _____________.

2. I hurt my ankle. _______________ I play tennis?
No, _____________!

3. She’s tired. _______________ she go to bed?
Yes, _____________.

4. He has a headache. _______________ he listen to loud music?
No, _____________!

5. We want to travel from Poland to Russia. _______________ we go by plane?
Yes, _____________!

6. It’s 11. p.m., and they have a long drive home. _______________ they go home now?
Yes, _____________!

7. He has a big test Tomorrow. _______________ he watch TV all night?
No, _____________!

3. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. A: I’m hungry.
B: You should / shouldn’t have a sandwich.

2. A: I’m tired.
B: You should / shouldn’t watch late night movies.

3. A: I’m very thin.
B: You should / shouldn’t go on a diet.

4. A: I’m hot.
B: You should / shouldn’t wear a T-shirt.

5. A: I can’t do my homework.
B: You should / shouldn’t ask your teacher for help.

6. A: I can’t hit the ball when I play tennis.
B: You should / shouldn’t watch the ball carefully.

4. Напишите вопросы и короткие ответы, используя should или shouldn’t.

1. He wants to learn the piano. ________________ he take lessons?
Yes, ________________.

2. I want to go traveling. ________________ I save my money?
Yes, ________________.

3. She can’t do her homework. ________________ she give up?
No, ________________.

4. I don’t like my clothes. ________________ I buy some new clothes?
Yes, ________________.

5. They don’t like coffee. ________________ they drink it?
No, ________________.

6. I have a math exam on Friday. ________________ I study?
Yes, ________________.

7. I have a terrible headache. ________________ l lie down?
Yes, ________________.

5. Заполните пробелы. Используйте should или shouldn’t.

Max: You (1) ________________ eat junk food. It’s bad for you. You (2) ________________ eat more vegetables.
Ana: (3) ________________ I eat more fruit?
Max: Yes, you (4) ________________, and you (5) ________________ do more exercise.
Ana: (6) ________________ I stop when I’m tired?
Max: No, you (7) ________________. Exercise is hard work.

6. Заполните пробелы. Используйте should или shouldn’t.

Eduard: I’m going to go for a run.
Lena: You (1) ________________ warm up first. You (2) ________________ start your run before you do your warm-up exercises.
Eduard: (3) ________________ I stretch my legs?
Lena: Yes, you (4) ________________. You (5) ________________ stretch your arms, too.
Eduard: (6) ________________ I have lunch before I start?
Lena: No, you (7) ________________. It’s a bad idea to exercise after a meal.


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