Модальный перфект Modal Perfect

Rewrite the following sentences using the modal perfect

1. Maybe Vasya learned programming as a child. He __

2. I think, it was a mistake to ask her to do it. You __

3. I am sure Valya didn’t like the book. Valya __

4. It’s possible that the guard saw him. The guard __

5. It was unnecessary for you to do this task. You __

6. It was a bad idea to go to the city centre. We __

7. Vera thinks I was wrong to buy this car. I __

8. It’s possible that I left my mobile phone at home because I can't find it anywhere here. I __

9. Maybe Sveta didn’t mean all that what she said about you yesterday. She __

10. I’m sure Kirill took your stapler by mistake. He __


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