Obligation and permission with let, make, allow

1. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. My mom made / let me tidy my room yesterday.

2. My parents make / let me do my homework every evening.

3. Our teachers let / make us use our cell phones when school finishes.

4. It was late so my friend made / let me take a taxi.

5. My dad doesn’t let / make me have tattoos.

6. My mom lets / makes me call my friends any time I want.

2. Заполните предложения с правильной формой слова в скобках.

1. My friend ______________ me use her phone sometimes. (let)

2. My mom ______________ me stay out late in the week. (not let)

3. We ______________ to wear jeans to school. (not allow)

4. I have a cat and so my brother ______________ to have a dog. (allow)

5. My neighbor ______________ me take his dog for a walk. (let)

6. We ______________ to watch late-night movies on the weekend. (allow)

7. My parents ______________ my little sister go to night clubs. (not let)

8. I ______________ to wear make up to school. (not allow)

3. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. My teacher made / let me stay late after school yesterday. I was in trouble.

2. My mom always lets / makes me go out on the weekend. I’m lucky.

3. My parents made / let me do the food shopping last week. They’re very strict.

4. My teacher doesn’t let / make us use our cell phone during class. It’s not allowed.

5. My mom always makes / lets me eat breakfast before I go to school. She says it’s important.

6. My mom makes / lets me stay in bed late on the weekend. It’s great!

4. Заполните пробелы. Используйте правильную форму слова в скобках.

1. My brother ___________ (let) me borrow his bike yesterday.

2. I ________________ (allow) to stay up late on weekends.

3. They ___________ (not let) me walk home late at night.

4. We ________________ (not allow) to have piercings at school.

5. My mom is going to ___________ (let) me redecorate my bedroom.

6. My sister ________________ (not allow) to see her boyfriend on weekdays.

7. I ________________ (allow) to go to the movies with my friends on Fridays.

8. My teacher ___________ (not let) us cheat on a test.

5. Заполните правила на основании предложений, приведенных ниже.

a. Students are allowed to go out for lunch.
b. The school makes children do their homework.
c. Grandparents don’t make children go to classes.
d. The school lets parents decide on their children’s bedtimes.

Obligation / No obligation
make + person + infinitive without to (1) ____________________________________ (2) ____________________________________

let + person + infinitive without to (3) ____________________________________
be allowed + infinitive with to (4) ____________________________________

6. Заполните предложения using слова в скобках.

1. My parents say I can’t invite my friends over on weekdays. (not allow)
I’m ___________________________________

2. I have to do some housework on the weekend. (make)
My mom ______________________________

3. I can’t use my dad’s car. (let)
My dad doesn’t _________________________

4. I have to do my homework before dinner. (make)
They _________________________________

5. I can stay out late on weekends. (allow)
I _____________________________________

6. I can’t walk home after 10:00 p.m. (not let)
My parents ____________________________


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