Модальный перфект. Ответы Modal Perfect

Rewrite the following sentences using the modal perfect

1. Maybe Vasya learned programming as a child. He might have learned programming as a child.

2. I think, it was a mistake to ask her to do it. You shouldn't have asked her.

3. I am sure Valya didn’t like the book. Valya can't have liked the book.

4. It’s possible that the guard saw him. The guard could have seen him.

5. It was unnecessary for you to do this task. You needn't have done the task.

6. It was a bad idea to go to the city centre. We shouldn't have gone to the city centre.

7. Vera thinks I was wrong to buy this car. I may have been wrong to buy this car.

8. It’s possible that I left my mobile phone at home because I can't find it anywhere here. I might have left my mobile phone at home.

9. Maybe Sveta didn’t mean all that what she said about you yesterday. She may not have meant all that.

10. I’m sure Kirill took your stapler by mistake. He could've taken it by mistake.


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