Modal Verbs. Ответы Past ability and possibility

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate modal verbs / constructions

1. Valya could read 60 words per minute when she was 7.

2. Vasya could speak French quite well when he lived in Paris.

3. Kirill was able to escape the fire. He is safe now.

4. I could meet him at the airport yesterday. Why didn't he tell me?

5. I'm sure Sveta could explain everything but nobody asked her.

6. My cat could eat a lot when he was younger.

7. One of the girls was able to get out of the shed. She ran to the town to ask for help.

8. Several prisoners were able to / managed to escape through the woods at night.

9. I needed to talk to Valera yesterday, but I couldn't find him anywhere.

10. Nikita was able to / managed to do the test without any mistakes.


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