Modal Verbs. Ответы making a guess

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate modal verbs

1. Look, it’s getting really dark now. It must be pretty late.

2. Vasya hasn’t eaten anything yet. He must be hungry.

3. That can’t be true. I have the facts that prove the opposite of what you say.

4. They must be in love. Look, how they are talking.

5. You can easily get lost in the dark. Use you GPS.

6. We might come a bit later today. We are stuck in traffic.

7. If they don’t hurry, they could be really late.

8. That might be Vera phoning from Lugansk. Please, pick up the phone.

9. Yes, you might be right! You've got a point.

10. Kirill must be very rich – look at his house!


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