Общие направления в изучении юридического английского

General topics within legal English study

What is Legal English?

  1. Generally: legal English has these common attributes:
    • very long sentences
    • archaic expressions
    • providing for all possible contingencies
    • greater tendency to use formulaic expressions
  2. Nuances and shades of meaning can have huge consequences
  3. Language teachers can teach these nuances and shades

What do lawyers do (in general)?

  • Lawyers prepare and analyse documents for business clients
  • Lawyers work to avoid disputes (and try to settle out of
    court when they do occur)

What do lawyers read?

  • correspondence
  • memoranda
  • contracts and contract clauses
  • statutes and case law
  • law-related articles
  • regulatory filings
  • corporate documentation

What do lawyers write?

  • letters and emails
  • memoranda
  • agreements and contract clauses
  • legal opinions
  • court filings and legal memoranda (briefs)
  • regulatory filings
  • corporate documentation

In what situations do lawyers speak and listen?

  • firm meetings
  • client meetings
  • seminars and conferences
  • negotiations
  • informal settings
  • phone conversations
  • judicial proceedings

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