Choose one of the following relative pronouns who, which or whose

1. I talked to the man __ car had broken down.

2. Ivan, __ is a taxi driver, lives here.

3. We often visit our aunt in Zhytomir __ is in the central Ukraine.

4. This is the boy __ comes from Rostov.

5. That's Vasya, the boy __ has just arrived at the station.

6. Thank you very much for your letter __ was very helpful.

7. The man, __ father is a doctor, forgot his briefcase.

8. The children, __ shouted in the stadium, are not from our district.

9. The car, __ driver is a young woman, is from Chernigov.

10. What did you do with the money __ your father gave you?

11. This is the shop __ was robbed yesterday.

12. The girl __ drove the car was nervous.

13. She didn't see the traffic lights __ were red.

14. A police officer stopped the car __ was parked at the next corner.

15. The man __ gave her the money was young.


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