Indefinite pronouns (Неопределенные местоимения)

1. Заполните предложения правильными неопределенными местоимениями (indefinite pronouns).

1. There’s something on your coat.

2. There isn’t _________________ at home. Where is everyone?

3. There isn’t _________________ to do.

4. I don’t like _________________ in this store.

5. I can’t see my phone _________________.

6. _________________ is in class doing an exam.

2. Заполните предложения правильными неопределенными местоимениями (indefinite pronouns).

1. There’s someone outside. I can hear them.

2. Where on earth is everyone? There isn’t _________________ here at all!

3. The kitchen is a mess. There are cups and plates _________________.

4. I can see _________________ in the water. Is it a boat?

5. I’ve cleared my desk and put _________________ in my locker.

6. Is there _________________ I can do to help?

3. Заполните пробелы со словами ниже.

everyone / anyone / someone / anything / everywhere / something

1. The concert was fantastic. _________________ had a great time.

2. I’ve looked ___________ but I can’t find it.

3. I met ___________ at the movies last night.

4. We didn’t see ___________ we knew downtown.

5. You have ___________ in your hair.

6. I don’t have ___________ to wear to the party.

4. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. There isn’t anyone / someone here.

2. There’s anything / something on the floor.

3. I don’t like anyone / someone in my class.

4. I can’t find my bag anywhere / everywhere.

5. I met anyone / someone from Chile today.

6. The gym is empty. Everyone / Someone has gone.

5. Заполните пробелы. Используйте неопределенные местоимения (indefinite pronouns).

1. I can’t see _______________. There aren’t any people in the house.

2. Your room is very untidy. There are clothes and books _______________.

3. I can hear _______________.What is it?

4. I have _______________ that I want. I don’t need anything else.

5. Open the door. There’s _______________ outside.

6. I can’t see _______________. It’s very dark.

6. Заполните пробелы. Используйте someone, something, anyone, или anything.

1. Hello! Is ___________ at home?

2. Hi, Mom. Look! I have ___________ for you.

3. The refrigerator is empty. There isn’t ___________ to eat.

4. Excuse me. I think there’s ___________ at the door.

5. I have ___________ in my eye. I can’t see.

6. It’s Sunday. There isn’t ___________ in the office.

7. Заполните пробелы. Используйте everyone, everything, everywhere, anyone, anything, или anywhere.

1. I’ve looked for my bag ___________ but I can’t find it.

2. I didn’t meet ___________ new at the party.

3. Hi! Is ___________ OK? You look unhappy.

4. I got into trouble but I didn’t do ___________ wrong!

5. Baseball is played ___________ in Poland

6. The house is empty. There isn’t ___________ at home.


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