Possessive pronoun Упражнения по грамматике

Replace the personal pronouns with possessive pronouns

1. This laptop is (you) __ .

2. The book is (I) __.

3. The black car is (we) __.

4. The watch is (she) __.

5. We met Ivan and Clara yesterday. This house is (they) __.

6. The bag is (he) __.

7. The paintings are (she) __.

8. There is a bird in our garden. The nest is (it) __.

9. This dog is (we) __.

10. This hasn't been not my fault. It's been (you) __.

Fill in the gaps

1. That pen belongs to those kids. That pen is __.

2. This scooter belongs to my neighbor Vasya. This scooter is __.

3. This hat belongs to my aunt Vera. This hat is __.

4. This plant belongs to you. This plant is __.

5. This apartment belongs to me and my family. This apartment is __.

6. These flowers belong to my mother. These flowers are __.

7. Those photos belong to my sister's friends. Those photos are __.

8. These tickets belong to you and your wife. These tickets are __.

9. That suitcase belongs to me. That suitcase is __.

10. That desk belongs to my aunt and uncle. That desk is __.


Вы можете разместить свои варианты ответов для проверки в блоке для комментариев ниже.

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