I wish & If only Упражнения по грамматике

Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets

1. I wish I __ to go to work on Monday. (not / have to)

2. If only I __ that to him. He's not speaking to me at all. (not / say)

3. I wish my father __ here now. (be)

4. I wish you __ your office. It's a nightmare! (tidy up)

5. You know, I wish we __ 5 years ago. (meet)

6. If only Vasya __ here. He'd definitely know what to do. (be)

7. If only you and your wife __ with us that Sunday. (be)

8. If only he __ with them next week. (come)

9. We wish you __ yesterday. (arrive)

10. If only Katya __ at home now. (be)


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