First conditional (Первое условное)

First conditional

1. Заполните предложения, используя первое условное (first conditional).

1. If people ______________ (drive) everywhere, they’ll pollute the environment.

2. If people don’t save water, there ______________ (not be) enough for everybody.

3. If more countries ______________ (use) electric cars, the air will be cleaner.

4. If people recycle more, there ______________ (be) less litter.

5. If countries ______________ (cut down) the rainforests, some animals will become extinct.

6. If big businesses use up all the oil, there ______________ (not be) any oil in the future.

2. Заполните диалог.

Andrey: Hi, Polina. How were your exams?
Polina: They were really difficult. I’m worried. If I (1) ___________ (not pass) my exams, I (2) ___________ (not go) to college. And I really want to!
Andrey: Which college do you want to go to?
Polina: I don’t know. If I (3) ___________ (get) good grades, (4) ___________ (apply) to Yale.
Andrey: What are you going to study?
Polina: If I (5) ___________ (go) to Yale, I (6) ___________ (study) law! How about you?
Andrey: I don’t want to study law. If I (7) ___________ (do) well, I (8) ___________ (study) computer science.
Polina: Well, good luck! Bye.
Andrey: See you later.

3. Заполните пробелы. Используйте правильную форму слова в скобках.

1. If the Earth ___________ (continue) to warm up, more animals will become extinct.

2. If we ___________ (recycle) more glass and paper, there won’t be as much garbage.

3. If we grow more food, there ___________ (be) enough food for everyone.

4. If we use alternative energy, we ___________ (not use up) all the oil.

5. If we ___________ (cut down) all the rainforests, there won’t be any trees.

6. If we don’t drive our cars, there _________________ (not be) as much pollution.

4. Заполните предложения, используя первое условное (first conditional).

Ruslana: Hi, Misha. How was your first semester at college?
Misha: It was cool, but very hard work. If I (1) ___________ (not work) hard, I (2) ___________ (not get) through college. And I really want to become a doctor.
Ruslana: You’ll be OK. If you (3) ___________ (study) hard for your exams, you (4) ___________ (pass) them. My first semester was hard, too.
Misha: What are you studying?
Ruslana: Law. If I (5) ___________ (pass) my exams, I (6) ___________ (work) for my dad’s law firm. How about you?
Misha: I want to work with children. If I (7) ___________ (do) well, I (8) ___________ (apply) to the State Children’s Hospital.
Ruslana: Good luck! You’ll be fine. Don’t worry!
Misha: Bye. See you later.

5. Заполните предложения, используя первое условное (first conditional) со словами ниже.

drive / If / will / we / won’t / will / recycle

1. If we ______________ electric cars, the air ______________ be cleaner.

2. If ______________ protect the rainforests, many plants and animals ______________ survive.

3. ______________ we ______________ paper, plastic, and glass, we ______________ create as much garbage.

6. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. If we do badly in our exams, we don’t / won’t have a big party.

2. If I go / will go to Moldova this summer, I’ll visit Chichen Itza.

3. We won’t get up early Tomorrow morning if we will stay / stay out late tonight.

4. If my dad wins / will win his football game, I’ll be very surprised.

5. We ’ll go / go to the beach if the weather is fine.

6. They will buy a new car if this one will break / breaks down.

7. Заполните пробелы. Используйте правильную форму слова в скобках.

1. If we _____________ (use) wind power, we won’t pollute the environment.

2. If Stas visits Venezuela, he _____________ (go) to Angel Falls.

3. If we _____________ (cycle) to school, we’ll get fit.

4. If I study computer science, I think I _____________ (get) a good job.

5. If Kirill _____________ (recycle) more paper, he won’t have as much garbage.

6. If we cut down all the rainforests, many animals _____________ (become) extinct.

7. If I take a taxi, it _____________ (save) me time.

8. If Vera _____________ (go) to Japan, she’ll visit Tokyo.

8. Write first conditional sentences.

1. she / save money / buy boots - If she saves enough money, she’ll buy those boots.

2. he / run / catch the bus _____________________________________

3. you / cook dinner / I / wash the dishes _____________________________________

4. she / not hurry / they / be late _____________________________________

5. rain / they / not play tennis _____________________________________

6. he / work hard / pass his exams _____________________________________


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