0 conditionals Упражнения по грамматике

Complete the 0 conditional sentences with the verb in brackets

1. If they __ (not / eat) well, they __ (not / be) healthy.

2. If __ (I / go) on a ferry, I always feel sick.

3. I __ (feel) very good the following day if I __ (have) enough sleep.

4. If __ (I / not / know) a word, I __ (look) it up in my pocket dictionary.

5. They play video-games if __ (they / not / have) any homework.

6. If you bring the temperature down, this water __ (turn) into ice.

7. She __ (like) to visit the museums if she __ (be) in a new country.

8. Vasya always __ (buy) expensive clothes if he __ (go) shopping.

9. Tamara, our maths teacher, gets angry if __ (we / not / work) hard enough.

10. If you __ (press) this button here, the light __ (go) on.


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