Reflexive pronoun. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Choose the correct reflexive pronouns

myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves

1. Ivan took this photo _himself_.

2. Nina did the homework _herself_.

3. We helped _ourselves_ to some cake at the party.

4. Vera, did you paint _yourself_?

5. I wrote this novel _myself_.

6. He cut _himself_ with the knife by accident.

7. The tiger can defend _itself_.

8. My grandmother often talks to _herself_.

9. Alex and Maxim, if you want more coffee, help _yourselves_.

10. They assembled the desk _themselves_.

Fill in the correct reflexive pronouns

1. I did not want to believe it and then I saw God _myself_.

2. The girl looked at _herself_ in the photo.

3. Ivan, you'll have to do the homework _yourself_.

4. You don't need to help them. They will do it _themselves_.

5. I introduced _myself_ to my new colleague.

6. Can you make your bed _yourself_?

7. She cooked _herself_ a cake.

8. What happens when a parrot sees _itself_ in the mirror?

9. The father decided to repair the computer _himself_.

10. We can move the desk _ourselves_.


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