Reciprocal pronoun. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Decide if you need to use the reflexive or reciprocal pronoun or nothing

1. Ivan hurt _himself_ when climbing the ladder.

2. Petya and Polina helped _each other_ with the homework.

3. I feel _-_ a lot better today.

4. Did he make _himslef_ a cup of coffee?

5. The wild bear looked at _itself_ in the mirror.

6. Ruslan and Ludmila smiled at _each other_ .

7. We're meeting _-_ at the airport.

8. During the meeting, Tanya and Katya were talking to _each other_ .

9. I don't remember _-_ where we spent our holiday two years ago.

10. We need to focus _-_ .


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