Personal pronoun. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Use the correct personal pronouns (see the words in brackets)


1. _he_ is thinking. (Misha)

2. _it_ is dark green. (the blackboard)

3. _they_ are on the wall. (the banners)

4. _it_ is running. (the cat)

5. _we_ are watching a film. (my mother and I)

6. _they_ are in the garden. (the trees)

7. _she_ is riding his bike. (Tanya)

8. _she_ is from Bristol. (Valentina)

9. _he_ has got a brother. (Alexander)

10. Have _you_ got a computer, Alex?


1. _he_ often reads novels. (Ruslan)

2. _she_ is watching TV. (Diana)

3. _it_ is black. (the dress)

4. _they_ are on the wall. (the paintings)

5. _it_ is running. (the dog)

6. _we_ are watching cartoons. (my brother and I)

7. _they_ are in the kitchen. (the roses)

8. _he_ is driving his car. (Roma)

9. _she_ is from Kharkiv. (Liza)

10. _she_ has got a sister. (Vera)

11. Have _you_ got a car, Sergey?


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