To have (get) something done

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the word in brackets

1. I __ (the files / pick up) tomorrow in the evening.

2. Yesterday, I __ (my hair / cut).

3. We __ (our flat / redecorate) last year.

4. Tomorrow, they __ (their shower / fix).

5. Are they going to repair the car themselves, or are they going to __ (it / repair)?

6. Each Sunday, we __ (a pizza / deliver) to our home.

7. Every Saturday, Vasya __ (his car / wash).

8. Last year, Ivan __ (his office / redesign).

9. Lyusya isn't making her own dress, she 's __ (it / make) by a designer in Kyiv.

10. Whenever Tanya is staying at a hotel, she __ (her luggage / carry) into her room.


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