It is said that ... Упражнения по грамматике

Rewrite the sentences as in the example below

People think that the pigeons carry a lot of diseases.

It is thought that the pigeons carry a lot of diseases.


1. People know that smoke addiction is dangerous.

It is __.

2. They believe that the dinner will be delicious.

The dinner is __.

3. They think that the kids are at school.

The kids __.

4. People said that the robbery lasted for an hour.

It is __.

5. People acknowledge that he is gifted.

He is __.

6. The newspapers reported that she won the jackpot.

He was __.

7. They think that your tea is not sweet.

It is __.

8. Everybody says the old house will collapse.

The old __.


1. People think that the new president is a good speaker.

It is __.

The new president __.

2. They report that the suspended robber is in custody.

The suspended __.

It is __.

3. People don't expect that the new party will loose the election.

It isn't __.

The new __.

4. The police say that the child has been found.

It is __.

The child __.

5. The detective knows that the suspect has left the city.

It is __.

The suspect __.

6. People believe that giving encouragement is very important at school.

It is __.

Giving encouragement __.

7. They told us that Boris drank too much at the party.

It was __.

Boris __.


1. People know that she is a good runner.


2. They say that Sveta is in hospital.


3. They think that the tourists are in the hotel.


4. People believe that the robber has worked in the company.

5. People believe that nuclear power stations are effective.


6. His collegues thought that he was on business.


7. People know that buses pollute the environment.


8. They suppose that the new book will come out soon.


9. They found that the mission was possible.


10. They believe that he will win a gold medal.



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