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Make the third conditional

1. If she _had studied_ (study) for the test better, she _would have passed_ (pass) it.

2. If he _had asked_ (ask) me, I _would have helped_ (help) him.

3. If I _had been_ (be) born in a different country, I _would have used_ (used) another language.

4. Trust me, if you _had spoken_ (speak) English, she _would have understood_ (understand) you.

5. If they _had listened_ (listen) to my advice, they _would have saved_ (save) a lot more money.

6. I _would have written_ (write) you a letter if I _had had_ (have) your address.

7. I think, if he _hadn't broken_ (not / break) his leg, he _would have taken part_ (take part) in that competition.

8. If it _hadn't started_ (not/ start) to snow, we _would have walked_ (walk) to the supermarket.

9. We _would have swum_ (swim) in the swimming pool if there _hadn't been_ (not / be) so many sharks there.

10. If you _hadn't been_ (not / be) late for 10 minutes, we _wouldn't have missed_ (not / miss) the bus.


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