Non-defining relative clauses

Complete the sentences with whose, who, which, or where

1. Kiev, __ is the capital of Ukraine, is my favorite city.

2. Vasya's mum, __ is a journalist, has lost her car keys.

3. Katya, __ mother is from Russia, speaks English and French fluently.

4. My sister, __ lives in Moscow now, came to see me last week.

5. This mobile phone, __ I bought last month, has really good buttons.

6. The church, __ we went yesterday, is very old.

7. Ferraris, __ are produced in Italy, are quite expensive.

8. Russell Crowe, __ starred in Next Three Days, was born in New Zealand.

9. The glasses, __ I bought yesterday, are really cool and comfortable.

10. Valentina Vasilyevna, __ teaches maths, is going to retire next year.


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